Matching system to the needs of production companies

Optimisation of working time in production companies and controlling the course of production processes. The data recorded in the system will give a full picture of the work, support the process of planning and valuation of subsequent orders, and are useful in complaint processes.


Tailor the tool to the specifics of your business. Action tree is 100% customizable.

Get precise data on the duration of all activities. The system will provide information about employees involved in specific activities.



Effectively plan staffing, check the level of workload of employees and fully control the production process.

See how in practise Time Harmony contributes to the optimisation of working time in production companies

The data on activities registered in the system allow you to trace the process and:

  • elimination of unnecessary activities and identification and elimination of defective batches of material
  • identification of areas requiring correction
  • indicating the need for additional training for employees. For example, in the complaint process, the system will indicate which of the employees made the defective part of the machine

The data displayed on publicly available dashboards allows to:

  • control of one's own pace and work efficiency
  • reduce the delays, early departures and prolonged break

The data is anonymized and available only to the employee and their leader, and access to it translates into more efficient work and can translate into a reduction in the need to work overtime or reduce the need to hire additional employees.

Based on data on the time of performed activities, the pace of work and the efficiency of the work, it is easy to:

  • plan the staff to handle current and subsequent orders,
  • verify the workload of the teams
  • make the necessary shifts

On the basis of data on the duration of individual activities within the order and the number of employees involved, you will make a quick valuation of future orders.

Analysing performance data benefits to:

  • understanding the factors that contribute to and hinder the team's work
  • the ability to implement good practices based on high-performance employee data

Case study

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Testimonials of our customers

Usarya Sp. z o.o.

Generate savings and increase efficiency

The system has streamlined a number of work planning and accounting processes, leading to significant savings and increased production efficiency. It's a well-thought-out, intuitive and easy-to-use tool.

Milena Wiśniewska

Swedeponic Polska Sp. z o.o.

Integration with internal systems

The use of P2P2 devices integrated with turnstiles allows for additional control of hand disinfection, improving the process, which is so important in the catering industry.

Mariusz Jankowski, HR & Payroll Specialist

Valeo Autosystemy Sp. z o.o.

Competent team, high quality of service

I am pleased to say that we are very satisfied with both the quality of the services provided, competence and understanding of our needs.

Józef Owsianka

Swedeponic Polska Sp. z o.o.

Knowledge of the course of processes and the pace of order execution

The system provided detailed knowledge about the course of production processes and the pace of order execution. It is a valuable tool that provides information that we use in our daily work to carry out current production and plan further production.

Mariusz Jankowski, HR & Payroll Specialist

Aara Sprzedaż Sp. z o.o.

Efficient management and planning of current operation and further production.

The system provides information on the duration of activities in which our employees are engaged, enabling efficient management and planning of the team's work. The data provided by the system is helpful in assessing the profitability of projects and valuing subsequent orders.

Paweł Białokur, CEO

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