Lean Management by Time Harmony


An all-in-one solution for working time optimization.

We offer you optimization that does not require large financial outlays, is quick to implement and brings measurable benefits in a short time.

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Real savings

After a short period of return on investment, the system really supports the generation of savings. Productivity is significantly increased by monitoring the pace of work, controlling the course of processes, identifying and eliminating idle activities, and increasing employee self-control in terms of working time.

Quick return on investment

Experience in cooperation with our clients shows that the return on investment occurs in the first months of working with the system thanks to increased self-control of employees in terms of punctuality and work efficiency, as well as quick optimization processes made possible by the knowledge provided by the system.

Quick deployment

You will receive a configured, ready-to-use tool within 1-3 weeks of signing the contract. We guarantee advice on the functionality and operation of the system, as well as customized reporting and visibility of activities for the workstation and the device.

Independence from IT infrastructure

You get a system that does not interfere with your organization's IT infrastructure, ready to operate from the level of a web browser, in which devices communicate via LAN, WiFi or GSM technology.


The open and standard interface of our system allows for easy configuration with the HR and payroll, warehouse or production software used in your company.

Learn about our deployment scenarios


Do you need an electronic time and attendance system? Or maybe you lack a tool to measure the time of activities and productivity? Maybe you decide to implement both modules to get the most out of the system? In each case, we have a solution.

Our system can be implemented modularly.


Implementation of the Workforce Management System

Automation of the process and registration of working time and attendance

  • Timesheets
  • Work schedules
  • Attendance counters
  • Full settlement of working time

Implementation of the Labour Management System

Measuring activities and determining the performance of employees, process control

  • Data on the performed activities duration
  • Employee performance data
  • Supervision of the production process
  • Data for employee ratings and bonuses

Implementation of Workforce & Labour Management System

Full insight into working time, measurement of idle activities

  • Full recording of working time and its settlement
  • Work schedules
  • Data on the time of performed activities
  • Measuring employee performance
  • Identification of unproductive idle time

Learn about our process


During the first meeting, we will present the main functionalities and advise you whether and how the system can help your company. If you are interested, we will send you a customized offer after the meeting. The next steps will depend on your readiness to test and test the system's capabilities in practice.

System customization

At this stage, we will adapt the system to the specifics of your organization, so that during the tests we can obtain full settlements of employees' working time and use all the functionalities that allow you to record the activities performed. The next step will be tests, which we carry out at the client's request in order to check how the system works in their organization, so as to give them the opportunity to assess the benefits of the implementation.


The testing phase includes the installation of the test equipment at the target location and the training of employees. At this stage, together with the client, we check the operation of the system and determine the final scope of functionality. We are at your full disposal to answer questions, advise on the functionality and full capabilities of the system.

Final configuration

After the tests are completed, the final changes agreed with the customer are introduced. At this stage, we provide support in the full configuration of the system, loading the full list of employees, and programming access cards. We install other devices and conduct additional training. The system is ready to work within 1-3 weeks of implementation.

Continuous evaluation and improvement


The message of Kaizen is that "no day should pass without making some improvement in some area of the company's functioning".

The analysis of working time, all activities performed and efficiency is the basis for process optimization, elimination of waste and building a competitive advantage. Because every action within the process should add value expected by the customer.

Full data on working time, duration of activities and employee performance is provided by the Time Harmony system.