Electronic Time & Attendance system
Get rid of paper timesheets

Time & Attendance Recording of is an obligation of every employer to properly calculate remuneration. Thanks to Time Harmony, it is also an effective element of work management and planning. Data on current staffing, holidays and absences are available on-line. Enter electronic attendance records. Manage your team effectively.

Offer your employees flexible forms of registration

  • RFID cards

  • mobile app on personal devices

  • personal web employee panel

  • virtual device on computer with barcode scanner

  • QR code readers

  • stationary devices

Increase employee self-control of working time

  • reduce tardiness and early departures

  • monitor the length and frequency of breaks

Plan work based on current staffing data

  • monitor attendance to effectively plan tasks for the current and future days with real-time data.

  • adjust the cast to your current needs. Keep your finger on the pulse to ensure timely execution of orders.

Get a quick overview of the attendance list & gain complete set of data about the current staffing of the team.

  • number of employees present at work & registered arrival time

  • list of current employees vs. schedule

  • number of employees on break

  • information about planned attendances for the next 24 hours along with data on absences and their reasons

Monitor employee leave and absence data

  • track summaries of all employee absences, including dates and type of absences.

  • effectively plan staffing by avoiding excessive workload of employees

  • minimize the impact of absences on production and processes.


Gain confidence in compliance with Labor Law

  • get information about the available holiday limits and previous usage to plan holidays in accordance with the Labour Code.

  • generate reports on planned vacations to better tailor staffing to the company's needs.


Manage leave requests efficiently and effectively

  • the system allows you to generate and accept applications for any type of leave provided for in the Labour Code.

  • need more flexibility? There is also an option to generate a request for any hourly range.

Send leave data via the interface to the HR and payroll system

  • save time and resources by sending leave data to HR through an automated interface.

  • You can also download the finished file with working time data manually from our system and load it into your HR and payroll software.

Find answers

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions related to
Time & Attendance registering:

According to Polish Labour Code, Article 149 § 1, every employer is obliged to keep records of the employee's working time for the purpose of proper determination of their remuneration and other work-related benefits.

The timesheet should include data on the number of hours worked along with the start and end time of the shift, as well as information on the number of overtime hours, hours worked at night or in the form of on-call duty.

The obligation to keep records of working time does not depend on the number of employees. Even if the employer employs only one employee, he or she must keep individual, personal records of working time.

According to Polish Labour Code there are certain groups of employees for whom simplified records are kept, in which hours are not recorded, but days of work and periods in which employees did not perform their duties (e.g. they were on vacation or sick leave). The three groups of employees are:

  • employees covered by the task-based working time system
  • employees managing the workplace on behalf of the employer
  • workers receiving a lump sum for night or overtime work

The employer has a choice of two forms of keeping records of working time: paper or electronic. The choice of form applies to the entire documentation or its parts separated by type. Timesheets can be kept in electronic form, and the rest (e.g. applications and consents) in paper form.

According to the Polish Labour Code for the lack of complete documentation, the PIP (State Chamber of Labour) inspector has the right to impose a fine of PLN 1,000 to 30,000 on the employer.