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We are a team of experts in measuring and optimising working time

The P2P2 pillar is a team of experienced programmers and implementers who analyze the needs of customers in terms of measuring working time, activities and efficiency in order to provide a system that fully takes into account the specifics of the company's operations.

p2p2 is a team composed mainly of programmers and implementers, people full of enthusiasm and commitment. Our advantage is openness to change, and our goal is to create the best working time optimization program on the market.

We want to co-create the IT environment to help our customers improve efficiency and optimize processes. While developing our system, we cooperate on a daily basis with labour law experts and experienced employees of the logistics and warehouse industry. As a result, the system is adapted to the law on an ongoing basis and addresses the current needs of entrepreneurs.

The P2P2 office is located in Warsaw's Wawer district. We mainly work here. Why? Because we like each other's company and creative atmosphere. For us, work is a time when heads open to new ideas and solutions meet. Of course, we know that remote work has its strengths, so this option is available to anyone who needs it.




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