Measuring performance

Balance the workload of your team.  Plan resources efficiently with data to optimize your work.

Measurement and evaluation are elements of Lean Management. Measuring performance functionality of Time Harmony allows for an in-depth analysis of employee performance and process effectiveness, giving the possibility of control, corrections to the tasks performed and effective staffing planning to monitor the course of processes and the execution of orders.

Measurement and evaluation are necessary elements for optimisation moves.

  • Standards and parameters to measuring performance

    Each activity can be analyzed in terms of the number of units produced or by analyzing the team's performance hour-by-hour. The system gives you the ability to define standards and parameters for different processes within a single operation.


  • Wide range of data filtering categories

    Performance data is available for activities, teams or individual employees, location, or contractor.


  • Objective data for evaluation

    Performance data is also a helpful element in the process of evaluating and rewarding employees. Awareness that efficient, reliable work will be objectively measured to the element of employee empowerment, essential in modern management in the spirit of lean management.



Analytics that help, not complicate.
What do you gain by measuring performance?

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  • Information about the productivity of employees in specific activities or processes.

  • Controlling and evaluating processes allows you to identify areas for improvement.

  • Unification of communication and reporting between locations and benchmarking the results of individual hubs.

  • Performance data is a helpful element in the process of evaluating and rewarding employees.

Increase productivity with full context and clarity on how work is done.

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Replicate good practices

Compare and contrast performance data from each team to replicate best practices and get the most out of everyone. Empower your employees to improve their skills with data-driven insights.

Compare data across locations

Track data on the speed of work and the performance of teams across locations. Analyze the causes and correct process elements in locations with lower performance thanks to the data provided by the system.

Gain complete visibility into your performance while maintaining privacy

Thanks to anonymized data, knowledge about the employee's performance, pace of work and time of activity is available only to the employee and his or her leader. It's an opportunity to increase work rates while maintaining confidentiality.

Sample reports - measuring performance

Nominal Capacity per Unit

Check the performance of employees in several locations at the same time for any parameter (e.g. number of pallets processed or items of goods).

Productivity report

View performance data for your project. Analyze individual and team performance across specific activities.

Employees in activities

See how your team perform on a per-activity and project-by-project basis.

Monitor your team's performance to add value to your business.

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