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for employment agencies

Check the quality of work and measure the performance of temporary employees you hire to carry out orders for your contractors. Controlling the work of temporary employees will give you a competitive advantage thanks to the guarantee of efficiency.


Track the punctuality of your recruited employees from anywhere.

Gain insight into the quality of the work of your recruited staff. Monitor work performance.

Gain a competitive advantage by monitoring the quality of work.

See how controlling the work of temporary employees with Time Harmony can look like in practice


Gain insight into the working time of recruited staff and access reports from anywhere. You do not have to physically supervise the work of temporary workers who are delegated to the place of assignment.

The system will provide data on:

  • time of arrival and departure from work
  • number and length of breaks

In consultation with the Contractor, gain insight into the performance of posted temporary workers. Productivity data is available on a per-employee or per-employee basis against the team.

Based on the data on the quality of work of temporary employees, plan staffing for subsequent orders. Gain an advantage by taking care of the quality of work of your employees.

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Hereby, we would like to certify that the products offered by P2P2 work perfectly in Polish conditions and have the functionalities declared by the manufacturer that meet our requirements. In addition, P2P2 implements new solutions, which means that the product offered constantly increases the added value. The proof is the positive feedback from our customers and the fruitful cooperation with the supplier for several months.

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