A solution tailored to the needs of service companies

Do you run an accounting office or a law firm? Measure the activities you perform for your clients to get full data for settlement. The system will record the exact start and end time of the activity. Check if time tracking in a service company by Time Harmony is tailored for you!


Record the activities you perform for your clients.



Use the data from the system to settle accounts with customers.



Adapt the system to the profile of your business.

See how Time Harmony improves time tracking in a service company.

You can completely customize Time Harmony to the specifics of your business thanks to a customizable action tree. Define and register activities for which you want to settle accounts with your Contractors later.

Record the actions performed in the system. The saved data will be the basis for later settlements of current orders and the basis for the valuation of next, future orders.

Generate reports and, if necessary, print them as an attachment to the settlement of the work performed.

You and your employees can work for the client from anywhere. All you need is access to the Internet. The tool is available from the level of a web browser.

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