Workforce & Labour
in one tool

Labour Management


Automate & Optimize working time processes

Introduce electronic registration of working time. Create schedules, monitor lateness and absences. Gain real-time data to efficiently plan work of your team. Save time and resources thanks to full settlement of working time. Optimize on the basis of available working time reports.


Measure all activities and productivity in real time

Measure the time of systemic and non- systemic activities. Check the efficiency of employees. Get real-time data on the pace of work in multiple locations at the same time. Effectively plan and distribute duties based on efficiency data. Control processes and make necessary shifts between your teams. Optimize on the basis of extensive reporting. Reduce idle activities.

Increase Productivity, Optimize Processes and Reduce Costs

Quick return on investment

Return on investment in the first months of system implementation by improving working-time supervision, increasing productivity and reducing idle operations.

Employee-friendly tool

Available from any device – computer, tablet or smartphone. In addition, it is possible to log in with a QR code and a barcode.

Integrations with external systems

Open interface provides integration with the most popular payroll, HR and warehouse software.

Secure data, IT independent

A well-thought-out IT architecture with DDOS firewall, ISP Firewall and Malware Protection ensures 100% data security. System does not interfere IT infrastructure of your organization.

Analytics that improves employee engagement and reduces labour costs


Labour Management optimization confirmed by our Customers!

Usarya Sp. z o.o.

Generate savings and increase of efficiency

The system has streamlined a number of work planning and accounting processes, leading to significant savings and increased production efficiency. It's a well-thought-out, intuitive and easy-to-use tool.

Milena Wiśniewska,
Board Member

Swedeponic Polska Sp. z o.o.

Knowledge of the course of processes

The system, provided detailed knowledge about the course of production processes and the pace of order execution. The use of Time Harmony devices integrated with turnstiles allows for additional control of hand disinfection, improving the process, which is so important in the catering industry.

Mariusz Jankowski,
HR & Payroll Specialist

Centralized working time & performance data

Information collected from internal systems such as: WMS/ERP, turnstiles, scanners, workstations, working time in combination with data on non-system activities recorded on Time Harmony devices are presented in one tool, providing full knowledge about working time, performed activities (system and non-system) and performance.

Join companies that have taken their processes to the next level

Do you want to expand the scope of data beyond what is available in warehouse management systems (WMS), gain data on non-system activities and consolidate all data on working time? Contact us.