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Working time management in logistics companies thanks to on-line data. Measure in-system and non-system activities to gain a complete picture of your work and processes. Monitor performance and work pace to ensure orders are completed on time.


Gain precise data on system and non-system activities

Compare data across locations to gain data at a regional level.

Measure employee performance to optimize staffing planning and gain control over processes

See how Time Harmony improves working time management in a logistics company in practice

System activities recorded on scanners and workstations are sent via the interface from the WMS.

Non-systemic activities that are not recorded by WMS systems are recorded on Time Harmony devices.

Measuring the time of all activities, the time of breaks, as well as the time of arrival and departure from work gives a complete picture of the working time.

Measuring the time of all activities allows for the analysis and optimization of processes, giving the opportunity to identify and reduce idle activities.

A large part of the data about activities is sent to our system through an automatic interface, reducing the need for the employee to contact the devices to the necessary minimum.

Measuring the efficiency of employees in their activities and tracking the pace of work performed gives a quick insight into the course of warehouse processes.

Performance data allows you to effectively plan staffing and balance workloads by making transfers between teams.

Performance data recorded on publicly available dashboards allows employees to control their work pace and performance. The data is anonymized, so the insight into it is available only to the employee and their leader.

Thanks to the assigned standards and parameters, the system calculates the efficiency in nominal or percentage terms.

Data can be obtained for individual employees, teams, orders, activities, or locations.

A wide range of reports enables advanced data analysis. The data can also be exported to PowerBI, providing an additional, broad view of the recorded information.

The time of non-system activities can account for up to 30% of the total working time. This is a large area to manage and optimize.

Data on off-system activities, not recorded by standard WMS systems, provides information about unproductive idle time, which can be reduced or completely eliminated from the process by identifying it.

The reports offered in the package will calculate the percentage or nominal share of non-system activities, allowing for precise identification of the type of these activities and analysis of their usefulness for the process.

Data on the time of activities and the performance of employees in defined activities can be compared between multiple locations in real time.

You can receive comparative reports in relation to selected parameters (lines, pallets, pieces, etc.) by e-mail every day, once a week, once a month or generate them yourself as needed.

This is valuable knowledge for regional managers, providing data for the implementation of good practices observed in high-performance locations, as well as root cause analysis and corrective actions in lower-performing locations.

Testimonials of our customers

Netto Sp. z o.o.

Flexible data presentation

The system is characterized by high flexibility, allowing us to obtain the information we are looking for in relation to individual processes.

Piotr Partyka

Raben Polska Sp. z o.o.

Efficient implementation and service support

The P2P2 staff showed great professionalism and technical expertise. After the implementation was completed, the system was covered by service care and author's supervision

Damian Dąbrowski

Raben Polska Sp. z o.o.

Precise data, customized layout

To a large extent, the system met our expectations in terms of obtaining often complex information in our preferred layout, giving the possibility of any data processing. Damian Dąbrowski, Raben Sp. z o.o.

Damian Dąbrowski

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