Workforce Management System


In Time Harmony, you will not only record your team's working time, but also plan work schedules and fully account for the time worked, and you can send the data via the interface to the HR and payroll system.


Main functionalities

Time & Attendance

Convenient recording of arrival and departure times on multi-access devices, smartphones and personal computers. Leave and attendance data.

Work Schedules

Plan the team's work in the basic and equivalent working time system based on the current provisions of the Labour Law.


Settlement of working time

Individual settlement of each employee divided into standard hours, daily overtime 50% and 100%, average weekly 100%, night hours and absences.


A wide range of reports with detailed data available at a glance in terms of working time, current attendance list or used holiday limits.

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Compliance with Labour Law

A tool developed in cooperation with labour law experts, updated on an ongoing basis to the applicable regulations.


Request Processing

Issuance of requests for leave, childcare and other limited absences. Full control over employee absences.

Remote Work Registration

Our mobile time and attendance system is the perfect solution in the era of remote work. Employees can record their working time from anywhere.

Planning of billing periods

Adjusting the settlement period to the company's internal regulations. The ability to smooth out the working time, define the statutory length of breaks, the range of night hours or days off.

Counting overtime

Automatic settlement of overtime, work on non-working days and holidays. Complete accounting of the working time worked.


The universal interface allows for quick integration with your HR and payroll system in order to transfer the data needed for the financial settlement of the working time.

Ease of use!

View data online

Access data and reports from any device, anytime and anywhere. The only thing you need is a device with internet access.

Export & print data

You can conveniently export data and reports to CSV and XLS format, and if necessary, you can print them out and store them in paper form.

Open interface

Automatic interface with HR and payroll software ( Teta, Optima, SAP ERP and others). Data can be also downloaded manually into your system.

Entrepreneur's guide

Learn more about the benefits of implementing an Workforce Management System in your organization.

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