Time Harmony reports

Collect data & analyze information on working time, activities and performance of your team

Time Harmony reports are complete data about working time, performed activities and employee performance. See the list of Time Harmony reports you will receive as standard.

Make the most of your team's potential to add value to your business. Precise data is at your fingertips.

Time Harmony reports

Workforce Management System

Attendance List

  • Check employee attendance. You can filter the data by different categories: location, department, position. If necessary, the report can include data of archival employees.


Absence Utilization

  • Check the absence history of employees. Used holidays, holiday limits and other types of absences are collected in one place.


Employee Time

  • Check the clock-ins and goings of the day. In addition, you will receive a summary of the time worked, information about overtime and absences, as well as night work.

Cost report

  • Do you employ freelance workers? Perform a simple report with a summary of labor costs based on the time worked.

Time Harmony reports

Labour Management System

Hourly Interval Quantity

  • Check the number of units performed within the selected activity on an hourly basis.

Employees in Activities

  • Generate a report with data on what activities your employees are involved in. The report will show the time of the activities, the number of units performed and the project under which the activities are performed.

Nominal Efficiency Per Unit

  • Check the performance of employees in several locations at the same time for any parameter (e.g. number of pallets processed or items of goods)

Employee Productivity

  • Check performance data for your project. Analyze individual and team performance across specific activities

Net Gross Time

  • Check how much time employees spend on non-system activities and investigate what is the reason for exceeding the assumed norm. The granularity of the data allows you to see exactly which activities are taking longer than they should.

Activity category comparison

  • Check the duration of specific groups of out-of-system activities in your team's total working time in relation to defined categories.