Automatic settlement of working time

With Time Harmony, you get a full settlement of working time of your employees. Automate processes and gain full control over personnel management. Find out how we can increase the efficiency of your company.

Automate the process of settlement of working time

The system calculates the registered and worked time of your employees, providing data on the implementation of the schedule, overtime worked or possible shortages and absences.

Send data about working time via the interface

Save time and resources. A complete set of data on the working time can be sent via the interface to the HR and payroll system or downloaded manually from the system. Ready-made components for calculating an employee's salary are a great time saver and real support for the HR department.

Gain confidence in compliance with Labor Law

Eliminate errors in the settlement of working time. The system will provide a precise settlement of daily overtime with the addition of +50% and +100%, calculate average weekly hours, night hours and absences.

You can find a summary of all operating time parameters in one view

You will find a summary of all parameters related to the settlement of the employee's working time, contract parameters, settlement period, salary allowances in one view, gaining quick insight into the data and the possibility of efficient control and planning.

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See what functionalities our system has
that are useful for settlement of working time

Time Harmony allows you to round and smooth the working time. Rounding working time is a system setting that allows the Administrator to define the number of minutes that will be rounded to a full 5, 10, 15 minutes. Smoothing out working time is the time with accepted time margins for coming, leaving, or being late for work.

Time Harmony not only calculates the number of overtime hours, assigning them an appropriate 50% or 100% allowance, but also gives the possibility to settle overtime at the request of the employee or employer.

Time Harmony gives you the ability to set a paid break systemically in accordance with the company's policy. In such a case, the paid break is included in the employee's working time, but it is separated and visible in the statements.

Time Harmony gives you the ability to define non-working Sundays in two ways in accordance with the applicable interpretations of regulations in this area. The first one assumes that the employee takes one Sunday off in each 4-week period, with the first one falling at the beginning (i.e. in the first of 4 weeks) and the second at the end (i.e. in the last of the four weeks). The second interpretation assumes that free Sundays should be planned in a specific rhythm, i.e. at least one free Sunday in each of the four consecutive weeks.

Time Harmony gives you the ability to define what time night hours and holidays begin. The system has been developed in accordance with the provisions of the Polish Labour Code and is updated on an ongoing basis to the applicable regulations.

Time Harmony gives you the ability to plan and settle working time in the two most commonly used working time systems in Poland, i.e. in the basic and equivalent systems.

Time Harmony gives you the opportunity to settle work performed on Sundays, holidays and non-working days under a 5-day work week or on other non-working days with a dedicated application.