We are constantly working on the development of our system

New ideas for the development of the system are born on an ongoing basis. They are the result of close cooperation with customers or result from the need to adapt the system to the new industries we are entering and to expand to new countries.

Learn about the plans for the development of our system in the coming quarters
Roadmapa_moduł Organizacja

Q4 2023

Rebuilding the Organization module

We will adapt the Organization module to version 2.0, change the User Interface, and make changes to the employee file.

Roadmapa_przebudowa EC

Q4 2023

Rebuilding the Activity Records module

We are working on a new User Interface. We will add new notifications, focus on grouping and aggregating activities, systematize reports and the action tree. We will introduce a common timeline so that the working time data is saved in both modules at the same time.

Roadmapa_portal pracownika

Q1 2024

Employee Portal

A place dedicated to employees, providing access to information about trainings, medical examinations, schedules, leave limits with the possibility of issuing leave requests. Access via the app for Android and iOS.

Roadmapa_portal pracodawcy

Subsequent quarters

Employer Portal

The functionality that will be used by employment agencies will allow to manage external employees, provide information about the need to replenish resources for specific orders, and provide information about employee evaluation and performance.


Subsequent quarters

Seasonality monitoring

We plan to introduce data aggregation to perform time period analysis for resource planning.



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