Measure the duration of activities performed

Measure activities. Fix processes and generate value.

Measure the duration of activities performed by employees to better understand how company's working time is used. In the era of constant cost cutting and striving for optimization, the knowledge of how time-consuming individual elements of the process are is the basis for introducing corrective actions, eliminating unnecessary process elements and generating value.

Effective time management is the key to efficient work

How do we do it?

  • We measure the duration of activities transferred from the Client's system and non-system activities recorded on Time Harmony devices. We present the data in one place in the system to get a full picture of the activities performed.

  • Scanner activities from the WMS/Qguar/SAP system are sent via an automatic interface. Time Harmony calculates the duration and performance of an employee in these activities in real-time.

  • Recording of out-of-system activities on Time Harmony devices is quick and intuitive thanks to a defined action tree, and many activities are saved in the system automatically thanks to built-in interfaces.

  • The recorded on-line data is used to carry out analyses of working time in terms of location, order, contractor, team of employees.

summary of numbers of employees in current activities

What exactly our system measures:

Get complete data on all activities performed by your team – systemic and non-systemic – throughout the entire working day. It's up to you whether you're recording data for a specific employee, an entire team, a location, or a project. We give you a tool that you can configure to your needs. System will prowide with data on:

  • sequence of performed activities

  • time of commencement of activities

  • the exact duration of the activity

  • break time

  • parameter assignment per project, task, client

  • exact place where the action has started

Your journey to more effective management starts here. See what you gain when you start to measure the duration of activities.

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  • Full information about the time of all activities performed during the day. It's a complete view of your team's work.

  • You have information about the exact activities in which employees are engaged at the moment. You can estimate how much time each element of the process will take.

  • You monitor the pace of order execution hour by hour. You have full insight into the times of individual activities per employee.

  • You will effectively plan the work of the team, distribute responsibilities, and make the necessary transfers.

Sample reports – measure the duration of activities

Quantity in hourly intervals

Check the number of units performed within the selected activity on an hourly basis.

Employees in activities

Generate a report with data on what activities your employees are involved in. The report will show the time of the activities, the number of units performed and the project under which the activities are performed.

Monitor your team's commitment to individual activities. 

Implement lean management principles by providing data for process rationalization.