Implementation for the Otrębusy Bakery – Confectionery

Benefits of implementation:

Automation of the obligation to record working time required by the Labour Law. Elimination of paper attendance lists. Data centralization. Data on working time is loaded into the HR and payroll system via the interface.

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Bakery - Confectionery Otrębusy

As part of the project, we have implemented a working time registration module for a thriving and developing network of Otrębusy Bakery – Confectionery. The T&A module records the working time of employees both in production plants and in stationary stores.

What did we do?

We have installed readers in our production plants and stores where employees register their entry and exit from work using RFID cards.

What were the results?

The company eliminated paper lists and Excel tables, and instead received a tool that collects working time data from all locations. The system made it possible to centralize data by collecting and presenting it in one place. The obligation to record working time, required by the Labour Code, has been automated, and data on working time is uploaded to the HR and payroll system, further streamlining HR and payroll processes.

The cooperation with P2P2 is successful, the service offered is fully consistent with the description presented during the business talks. We are pleased to recommend P2P2 as a reliable and trustworthy business partner.

Katarzyna Bątkowska, Partner AK Otrębusy Sp. z o.o., Sp. j.