Implementation of the system for Fast Service Group Sp. z o.o.

Benefits of implementation:

Insight into the punctuality and performance of recruited temporary workers.

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Fast Service Group Sp. z o.o.

For this Client, an employment agency specializing,, in the recruitment of temporary workers, it is important to recruit reliable, committed temporary workers for the Clients to carry out specific orders.

Scope of the project:

The information is available in the system both for the employment agency and the contractor for whom the employment agency carries out orders, and who supervises the work of the team on site. The system provides data on punctuality, pace of work, employee's performance against the team, and the length of breaks.

Benefits declared by the Client:

The employment agency has gained a tool that allows it to have an insight into the quality of the work of the recruited employees. In a broader perspective, care for the quality of work of temporary workers is an element that builds a competitive advantage, proof of the agency's credibility and responsibility for the recruited personnel.


The products offered by P2P2 work great in Polish conditions and have functionalities declared by the manufacturer that meet our requirements. In addition, P2P2 implements new solutions, which means that the product offered constantly increases the added value. The proof is the positive feedback from our customers and the fruitful cooperation with the supplier for several months.

Ewelina Kowalska, Vice-President of the Management Board, Fast Service Group Sp. z o.o.