Implementation of the system for Rapidus sp. z o.o.

Benefits of implementation:

Automation of the timesheet process. Elimination of paper lists and Excel tables. Streamlining the salary calculation process thanks to data on working time loaded into the HR and payroll system via the interface.

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Rapidus sp. z o.o.

As part of the project for Rapidus, a company specializing in printing catalogues, advertising folders, brochures and other marketing materials, which in recent years has expanded its activities to include internal transport logistics services, we have implemented a time and attendance module.

What did we do?

In two of the Client's locations, we have implemented the T&A module, which records information about the working time of employees in various production processes. Office workers have also been covered by the system.

What were the results?

The obligation to record working time, required by the Polish Labour Code, has been automated. The company eliminated paper lists and Excel tables and instead received a tool that collects working time data from various locations. Thanks to the connection with the HR and payroll system, data on the worked time is loaded into the system using a manual interface, further streamlining HR and payroll processes.

The Time Harmony system, adapted to the provisions of the Labour Code, has contributed to the improvement and automation of processes related to the registration and settlement of working time. We have access to the list of current employees at any time, arranging the work schedule is quick and intuitive, and the data on working time sent via a manual interface to the HR and payroll software speeds up the process of calculating remuneration. We perceive P2P2 Sp. z o.o. as a reliable and trustworthy business partner.

Jarosław Adamkiewicz, Director of Strategy and Development