Implementation of the system for the AARA offset printing house

Benefits of implementation:

General supervision of the team's work. Data to determine the profitability of current orders and the correctness of the valuation made. Data for analysis and valuation of subsequent projects.

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AARA Drukarnia offsetowa

As part of the project for the AARA offset printing house, dealing with,, the production and printing of advertising materials, catalogues, business cards and the production of boxes and packaging with company imprints, we implemented a module to record activities in order to measure the duration of activities and control the course of production processes.


What did we do?

The activity tree in the activity records module has been configured according to the specifics of the company's business. All activities related to the processes in the printing house have been defined directly in the system. In the case of this implementation, there was no need to build an interface between Time Harmony and the Client's system. Time Harmony devices are connected to scanners that read the order number.


What were the results?

Insight into the time of performed activities enabled general supervision over the team's work. On the basis of the parameter with the order number read with the scanner connected directly to the Time Harmony device, the duration and level of involvement of specific employees in the implementation of a given order is determined. This provides the basis for determining the profitability of current orders and the correctness of the valuation made. Activity time data is also the basis for the analysis and valuation of subsequent projects.

The Time Harmony system was implemented in Aara Printing House in 2021, providing information on the duration of activities in which our employees are engaged, as well as enabling efficient management and planning of the team's work. The data provided by the system is helpful in assessing the profitability of projects and valuing subsequent orders. The Time Harmony system is clear and intuitive to use, allowing you to quickly get to the information you are looking for. Paweł Białokur, President of the Management Board Aara Sprzedaż Sp. z o.o.