Implementation of the system for Swedeponic Polska

Benefits of implementation:

Immediate knowledge of the production process. Ability to identify and eliminate damaged batches of products. Time Harmony combined with a hand disinfection system.

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The purpose of implementing the Activity Records module for this client, a leader in the cultivation and distribution of organic potted and cut herbs, was to report on the production of harvesting a wide range of potted herbs.

What did we do?

In the Activity Records module, we have defined parameters in such a way that production managers receive real-time information about:

  • the amount of herbs collected by individual employees
  • the pace of work performed
  • the number of items of goods corresponding to the assumed standard
  • the number of items of goods that

What were the benefits?

Those responsible for production gained detailed and immediate knowledge of how many of the harvested herbs were not suitable for distribution. This information is used to make decisions to eliminate the causes of damage and to reseed plants to complete the harvest and fulfill the order. An additional solution used in this implementation is to combine the Time Harmony functionality with a hand disinfection system. It is only possible to start work after registering the start of work and disinfecting your hands.


It is a valuable tool that provides information that we use in our daily work to carry out current production and plan further production. Using the Time Harmony system has allowed us to optimize our processes and increase efficiency. Mariusz Jankowski, HR & Payroll Specialist Swedeponic Polska Sp. z o.o.