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Effective working time management  is a key skill that contributes to increasing productivity and creating a competitive advantage. In order to effectively measure the time of performed activities, it is necessary to have a properly designed tool. Creating such a system requires practical knowledge based on experience, including understanding the flow of processes and identifying areas where time can be wasted.

Effective working time management thanks to effective tools

The benefits of using a time management tool in your team are numerous. By investing in a tool to measure the time of performed activities and the effectiveness of employees, the company ensures:

  1. A complete picture of your processes: The tool gives you a complete understanding of what is happening in your processes, allowing you to better understand and optimize your processes.
  2. Better work organization: Allows you to plan and coordinate your team's activities more effectively, eliminating excessive time spent on unimportant tasks.
  3. Efficient segregation of duties: The tool allows you to identify areas where tasks can be more evenly distributed, contributing to more efficient work.
  4. Eliminate non-value-adding activities: By analyzing the timing of activities, you can identify and eliminate redundant activities that do not add value to the process.
  5. Increase in employee self-control and productivity:  Employees, being aware of time monitoring, increase their self-control, which translates into an increase in overall productivity.
  6. Increased employee motivation: Measuring work and performance allows for an objective assessment of achievements, which can affect employees' motivation to perform more effectively.

Time Harmony - an experience-based system

Time Harmony, our Workforce Management and Labour Management System, is a tool based on practical experience. Created by professionals in the logistics industry, it takes into account the needs of both management and managers and warehouse workers. Thanks to this tool, which is the result of years of work among various organizational levels, the company gains comprehensive data to manage the team's working time. Time Harmony allows you to measure all types of activities, including those outside the system, which often account for a significant percentage of the total working time, but are invisible to standard WMS systems. As a result, the company can effectively manage and optimize working time, contributing to the generation of additional value for the company.

Effective working time management and reduction of overtime

Effective time management in a team using Time Harmony not only contributes to increasing productivity and generating a competitive advantage, but is also a key strategy for reducing costs for the company. By accurately monitoring working hours, this tool enables you to identify areas where excess working hours can be reduced. As a result, it becomes possible to handle the changing volume and reduce the need for overtime. Such an approach not only improves the team's work balance, but also translates into real financial savings for the company.

See the capabilities of our Activity Records module, which allows you to measure the performance of employees and all activities performed, including non-system activities.



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