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Time Harmony is a time and attendance system that includes an online timesheets, provides ability to create schedules, time accounting and many other features necessary for full working time tracking.

In this article, we will focus on the functionality of online timesheets.
But Time Harmony is so much more than just time and attandance. Check it here.
online timesheets

Access to employee attendance data and reports from any device, anywhere.

The T&A module start screen in Time Harmony provides information such as:

  • a list of employees present at work in comparison with the exact time of registered arrival at work and in relation to the planned schedule
  • number of employees on a break
  • information on the number of employees absent from work, broken down into excused absences, together with data on the reason for the absence
  • information on the number of unexcused absences
  • planned staffing 24 hours in advance
Additional information about the planned attendance at the next shifts 24 hours ahead is valuable information for team leaders and a valued element supporting efficient work planning in terms of available resources.

Forms of attendance registration in Time Harmony

Paper lists on which employees note the time of arrival and departure from work are becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to electronic time and attendance recorders, this process comes down to placing a card or scanning a QR code.

Time Harmony provides the following forms of registration:

  • RFID card
  • QR code
  • Barcode
  • Computer/Laptop
  • Mobile app on your phone

In addition, the system can be connected via an interface with turnstiles. In this case, the mere passage through the gate registers the time of arrival at work in the system.

Who are the Time Harmony online timesheet for?

Time Harmony is a tool designed for the purposes of recording and automatic settlement of working time in modern enterprises, where in order to track the course of work processes, quick access to data on attendance, breaks, and worked time is needed. Data is stored in the cloud and is accessible from any place and device.

Our solution is perfect for:

  • warehouses
  • logistics centers,
  • manufacturing companies
  • service companies

However, thanks to the fact that the system is available from the level of a web browser, it can also be used to record the working time of employees working at the computer:

  • in offices
  • on remote work

Time Harmony Attendance List Reports

The current attendance of employees, along with the arrival time, verified in terms of the schedule, can be tracked in the system in the form of built-in dashboards, as well as in the form of reports, if you need to refer to historical data.

The data can be filtered by different categories: employee, location, department, position. If necessary, the report can include data of archival employees.

Benefits of online timesheets

The benefits of using Time Harmony online timesheets are really huge and multidimensional. Let's take a look at it:

Employees get the ability to easily use and save their time to record when they arrived at work. No signing on the list, checking watches, signing lists. One click and they're done.

HR Department the process of recording the working time is 100% automated. There is no longer a need to check paper lists and verify attendance on a given day, verify lateness or early departure from work. The system does this automatically and sends ready, full data through an automatic interface to the payroll and HR software. Ready-made data for salary calculation.  

Managers – thanks to online data, team leaders can see on an ongoing basis how many employees have shown up for work, see the exact time of arrival, how many employees are on a break and how long the break lasts. The system allows you to set alerts about delays or prolonged breaks.

 Features that speak in favor of Time Harmony

Below is a list of the most important functionalities that make Time Harmony an excellent tool for recording and settling working time:

  • Payroll integration an open interface, the system makes it possible for Time Harmony to be integrated with HR and payroll programs. The list of our integrations includes: SAP, Unit4 Teta, Optima, Enova. The list of integrations is open. Integrations with other programs will be developed at the system implementation stage. In addition, ready-made files with working time data can be downloaded from Time Harmony and loaded into any HR and payroll software.
  • Integration with internal systems - Time Harmony retrieves data from many internal systems such as card readers, turnstiles, scanners. Thanks to this, the registration process is very much automated
  • Break and overtime tracking accurate data on the length of breaks, punctuality of arrivals and departures from work, but also possible overtime in order to settle reliable and lawful accounts with employees
  • Online dashboards tracking attendance and workflow on an ongoing basis to control the course of processes
  • Detailed reports in addition to the attendance list, there are reports on working time including overtime, night work, reports on the use of holidays or absences from work

Easily manage your company's working time



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